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My name is Jane Lamond, I am a facilitator to other practitioners,

American Indian Shaman, 

Channeler, healing through voice.

My Qualifications are:


Meridian Candling 


Touch for Health

My Story- by Effie iliopoulos

I met Jane in 2001 and both Jane and my journey began.  I felt back then that Jane had something special but could not find what that was.  During training with Tracey Rosser,  Tracey woke with a message for Jane - Jane is a silent worker, American Indian Shaman.  So Jane started working on people through sound.  Her voice was out of this world, the pitch so perfect it sent shivers down your spine.  Since that day Jane has been working both with Tracey and my self, working on our clients on a high level of energy. 

Her voice helps tune the soul to assist in optimal wellbeing.  

Jane is also a Channeler where she has helped many with her messages. Jane's Reiki is different from many that I have had in the past, very deep extremely effective. 


​​​Healing through the sound of your soul


Jane does not take appointment but works with other practitioners within this group to further assist clients.

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