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All our Therapists work with pure intent, have  passion, boundaries and search for the answers for a holistic approach to optimal health.

Each of our beautiful therapists have completed immersive training in a wide range of areas and are certified in each of their specialised areas.  Some of our Practitioners are also Educators.


                                                                     "Compassion Holistically we are."

Requirements to being a practitioner for the AWC

  • You have you have completed Levels 1,2,3,

  • You must attend an in person a workshop once every 2yrs (overseas practitioners can attend on line)

  • 3 on line workshop per year

  • 2 Q & A on line  Worhshops per year 

  • Become a Member of AWC

  • Be approved by a Qualified Practitioner

This is to ensure all our practitioners are updated to any changes (this type of work is every evolving)

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Tracey Rosser Dip:

Collective Vibrational Kinesiology

Vibrational  Medicine  

Holistic Health Therapies                                                 

Vibrational Kinesiology

Touch for Health, Acupressure


28 years Clinic Practice, working on

Auric Fields, Chakras, Meridians

Family Ancestral Blockages

Cranial Bone misalignment

Emotional Over load

Physical frame Imbalance





Anxiety in children


Identifying  the why , may help the body rebalance and  Correct with Vibration, an Organic process with profound results, for all ages.   

Practitioner mentoring, 

White Fabric

My name is Effie Iliopoulos, Ancient Women's Collective Practitioner, Dawson Program Practitioner, Reiki Master, Touch for health & Brain Gym are my modalities. 

I have been a Dawson Program Practitioner since 2009. I became a practitioner thanks to Tracey Rosser (Mentor) and because I believed in this work.  

I have been practising for 15 years

I started training in Vibrational Kinesiology after I saw results in the treatment of my children​, I am now an AWC practitioner

I combine my work by including, reiki, reflexology, touch for health, brain gym and any other modality needed to get the job done.

I also teach Art & Art Therapy.

My Qualifications are:

Collective Vibrational Kinesiology

Vibrational Kinesiology (Dawson Program)


Touch for Health

Brain Gym

Anatomy & Physiology


Art Therapy


Vivien is a Kinesiologist Practioner based in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. With diplomas in Kinesiology, Anatomy & Physiology & Beauty Therapy plus certifications in Vibrational Kinesiology, Kinesiology Touch for Health 1, 2 & 3, trauma shifting therapy & Reiki, Vivien is very passionate about Mental, emotional & physical health.

Starting her journey in Pharmacy as a teenager, health and wellbeing have always been of great interest to Vivien. Learning and studying courses throughout her early career from vitamin nutrition to dispensing prescriptions.

Her real passion began in 2002 when she discovered Vibrational Kinesiology. She met her now mentor and close friend Tracey Rosser at an appointment, organised by her sister. Her son had developed a speech problem and allergies. From that appointment onwards Vivien was fascinated with how Tracey picked up so many emotional & ancestry links to his issues.

A few years on Tracey encouraged Vivien to research and study this modality and she has continued to dedicate her time and knowledge in all areas of wellness.

My Qualifications are:

Collective Vibrational Kinesiology


Vibrational Kinesiology (Dawson Program)


Touch for Health

Anatomy & Physilogy

Beauty Therapy

Trauma Shifting Therapy

Purple Flower

For 20 years I have  researched and studied ancient and modern modalities to help with the disconnect that revved so loudly in my own mind and body.

With modern life getting faster and more disconnected we are finding it more difficult to ground or anchor ourselves and our bodies are screaming at us to just slow down, but the pressure of keeping up sometimes makes coping nearly impossible.

I am based in NSW.  

My qualifications are:

Collective Vibrational Kinesiology

Vibrational Kinesiology (Dawson Program)

Access Consciousness foundation level one and Access Bars 

Touch For Health 1 to 4

Thought Field Therapy

Theta Healing

Reiki level one and two

Ayurvedic Beauty Therapies

Bowen therapy

Cert IV Training and Assessment

Salon Advantage Business Coach

DISC Profiling

Time Mastery Profiling

Workshop Facilitator

Cert IV Childcare

Dawson Program Facilitator

Property Development and Project Management

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