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Education in AWC Vibrational Medicine

All our educators work with pure intent, passion, boundaries and a continual search for answers to establish a holistic approach in optimal health and wellbeing.


Each of our educators have completed immersive training in a wide range of areas and are certified in each of their specialised areas.  They have well and truly walked the walk while practising in their own lines of facilitation for many years. 

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"Ancient Women's Collective Vibrational Medicine" is designed to help assist you and/or your family in understanding how stress affects ones physical body through its governing energy systems known as Chakras, Meridians and Auric Fields.


In this deep-dive program, we cover the following teachings:

  • Knowledge of the three (3) main energy systems: Chakras, Meridians and Auric Fields

  • How our emotions have an effect on this structure

  • How this stress can affect the organs & the physical structure

  • Cranial Plates

  • How and what is Applied Kinesiology

  • How to muscle test

  • Identifying allergies

  • Where the origin started from

  • Time, emotion and geographic appreciation

  • "Energetic 1st Aid" for your immediate family


Level 1

Education in Ancient Women's Collective (AWC) Vibrational Kinesiology protocols begins with Level 1.


In this course we cover the above listed and is formatted in both Theory as well as Practice to aid the complete understanding of everything that will be taught.  


This is ideal for 1st aid for your Immediate family.


NOTE: There is no prerequisites for this Level 1.

Purple Buds

Level 2

Our AWC Level 2 program is a further extension and next level of understanding to the Level 1 course. 


In Level 2, we will revisit Level 1 teachings and provide more advanced protocols to assist in strengthening the process and understanding of the whole body; including how it functions energetically.


  • Must have completed Level 1

  • Attend three (3) of the AWC virtual tutorials within a 12-month timeframe.

Polished Stones

Level 3 

Our AWC Level 3 program will revisit the Level 2 framework as well as practitioner-level advanced content.


In Level 3, you will have the opportunity to advance to Practitioner Level with the option to be advertised on our marketing platforms.


  • Must have completed Levels 1 & 2

  • Acquired Touch for Health level 1 certification

  • Read and demonstrate basic understanding of Anatomy & Physiology (books will need to be brought along to the course for evidence. Recommended literature: Ross & Wilson Anatomy and Physiology)

  • Attend six (6) virtual tutorial sessions with a twelve (12)-month timeframe.


NOTE: On completion of twelve (12) months Level 3 participation, practice and forum-engagement, you may be eligible to train as an educator pending panel review and endorsement.



  • AWC complete course and protocol Manual

  • Series of healing sounds that are developed to assist you and your client(s)

  • Scents and Crystals to accompany and compliment protocol implementation

  • Mentor / Facilitator / Educator access

  • Ongoing training and support

  • Access to bi-monthly virtual Q & A sessions (google meet)

  • Morning Tea & Lunch will be provided on training days

  • Certificate of Completion (upon successful completion of the course)

  • Accommodation is not included

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Endorsed Practitioner Requirements

​To become an endorsed practitioner of our AWC Vibrational Medicine practices, framework and protocols, the following requirements must be completed:

  • Successful completion of Levels 1, 2 and 3 including sufficiently-demonstrated protocol knowledge and understanding;

  • Accumulated work experience hours covering thirty (30) client cases alongside a Qualified Practitioner;

  • Attendance to one (1) workshop (in-person) during a two (2) year timeframe;

  • Attendance to at least three (3) workshops (on line) annually;

  • Attend two (2) Q & A workshops annually;

  • Become a member of AWC;

  • Successful practitioner-status approval by a Qualified Practitioner;

  • Acquire appropriate practice Insurance; 

  • Maintained First Aid Certification.

Becoming an Educator

You need to have been a practitioner for 3 years 

Attend an Educators Workshop 

Be approved by a Mentor

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