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Education in AWC Vibrational Medicine

All our Educators  work with pure intent, have passion, boundaries and search for the answers for a holistic approach to optimal health.

Each educator has completed immersive training in a wide range of areas and are certified in each of their specialised areas.  Our educators have walked the walk, practising in their own clinics for many years. 

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"Collective Vibrational Kinesiology" is designed to help assist you/your family in understanding how stress affects ones physical body through the Energy System.  This is known as the Chakras, Meridians and Auric Fields.

We will cover the following:

  • Knowledge on the 3 main energy systems

  • How our emotions have an effect on this structure

  • How this stress can affect the organs & the physical structure

  • Cranial Plates

  • How and What is Applied Kinesiology

  • How to muscle test

  • Identify allergies

  • Where the origin started from

  • We look at time, emotion and geographic

  • 1st Aid for your immediate family


Level 1

Education in "Collective Vibrational Kinesiology" begins with Level 1

In this course we will cover the above listed, There will be Theory as well as Practice in everything that will be taught.  This is ideal for 1st aid for your Immediate family.

There is no prerequisites for this Level 1

Purple Buds

Level 2

Level 2 requirements:

In Level 2 we will revisit what we learnt in Level 1 with more advanced protocols to assist in strengthening the process and understanding the full body and how it functions energetically.

  • Must have completed Level 1

  • Acquired Touch for Health 1 certificate

  • Attend 6 on line Tutorials a year

Polished Stones

Level 3 

Level 3 requirements:

In Level 3 we will revist Level 2 full protocol and add more advance protocols.  In Level 3 you will have the opportunity to advance to Practitioner level and option to be on our website.

  • Must have completed Levels 1 & 2

  • Acquired Touch for Health 1 certificate

  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology  certificate

  • Attend 6 online Tutorials a year

  • 12 hours physical training with Tracey or Effie while working on clients

  • Attend 2 Practitioner Training a year via Google Meet 

(After 12 months of Level 3 you can apply to be approved to start training as an Educator)

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  • Manual - full protocol

  • Healing sounds - developed to assist you and your clients 

  • Scent

  • Crystals

  • Access to Mentors

  • Certificate of Completion

  • on going training and support

  • bi- monthly Q & A google meet

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