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Ancient Women's Collective

Ancient Women's Collective was born out of a need to train and share knowledge with the purest of intent, to teach in a safe and knowledgeable way.  

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Jane Lamond

Dip. H.H.T. Dip. SIVMED

Holistic Health Practitioner

I have worked and studied for the last 20 years, seeing clients every day, and now consider I have acquired the knowledge to be able to expand and assist people and groups through personal sessions and seminars on helping your body heal itself.

I am based in NSW but travel to Tasmania & Qld

I combine my work by including,

Vibrational Kinesiology, reiki, reflexology, touch for health, brain gym and any other modality needed to get the job done. I have been a practitioner for 14yrs now.

I am based in Melbourne/Geelong Vic

I am a facilitator to other practitioners.

I am based in Melbourne Vic

For 20 years I have  researched and studied ancient and modern modalities to help with the disconnect that revved so loudly in my own mind and body

I am based in Regional NSW

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"Caring  for your body, mind, and spirit is your greatest  responsibility.  

It's about honouring your soul."

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